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Fluid Extraction Systems

Pharma-Grade Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machines

Welcome to Kiinja Corporation –manufacturers of supercritical fluid extraction systems that enable high volume extraction of botanical oils. Designed and fabricated in Fort Collins, Colorado, our pilot plant systems range from 10 liters to 75 liters. In addition to providing the highest level of safety and automation, our production system provides a tremendous range of process parameters that ensure maximum extraction efficiencies:


Tremendous Range of Process Parameters


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"We have had our Kiinja extraction unit for almost a year now and have been able to run more material faster and at pressures unlike any other supercritical CO2 system available. 
The ROI of the Kiinja supercritical CO2 extraction is unprecedented compared to other systems on the market. Green Remedy would highly recommend the Kiinja to anyone  that is in the market for a high production, high yielding, beautifully engineered supercritical CO2 extraction unit."

- Vice President Operations, Green Remedy


made in colorado

Our technology and manufacturing operations are located in
Fort Collins, Colorado.

Fort Collins, Colorado