Pharma-Grade CO2 Extraction Machines & Systems

Kiinja is pleased to offer the following high capacity CO2 extraction systems:


Kinetic S 2X5L System

Performance Overview:

  • Capacity1:  5.5 lbs (per vessel pelletized)
  • Run Time (run, CO2 recovery, reload): 1.2 hours
  • Max Runs per 12 hours: 10
  • Process lbs per day1: 55 lbs
  • Yield 2 : 12%
  • Yield per day: 2,722 grams

Actual performance may vary and is not guaranteed



Our Kinetic SX 3x25L Systems Available Q1 of 2019

(1) System projections based on our Gen I system data
(2) Yields are dependent on particular botanicals, growing process, extraction methodology, etc. Yield averages shown are based on customer experience and averages conditions.