Improve Your Extraction Process with Kiinja CO2 Extraction Equipment

There are many claims about the processing speed as well as yields of extraction systems.  Above and beyond the importance of the quality of the botanical material utilized, optimizing the pressure, temperature and CO2 flow rate parameters will determine the speed, quality and yield of the extraction. The Kiinja Kinetic systems provide the broadest range of operating parameters in the industry:


The operating software can be used to run single extractions or a sequence of extraction cycles.  Operators simply select a flow path to run extraction vessels individually or in parallel, continuous, or series configurations to optimize extraction yield and quality.  Depending on the parameter that best suits your production requirements, the Kiinja Kinetic system can operate continuous extractions 24X7.


Our base systems include:

  • Full automation including process recipe creation, data logging and storage

  • Thermal controls
  • (3) 2.5 liter collection vessel
  • CO2 recirculation (closed loop)
  • Integrated direct drive CO2 pump
  • 1 year technical/parts support

Kiinja-Machine1 copy.jpg


We also offer the following additional option: 

  • Co-solvent insertion: Ability to insert co-solvent for cleaning or production recipe optimization

Kiinja-Machine1 copy.jpg