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Green Remedy CBD Oil Extraction

Kiinja’s Gen I system is in operation with a Kentucky hemp grower.  The company who owns that system is Green Remedy.  Green Remedy makes high quality CBD oils.   Green Remedy is a company with strong values and principals.  This Gen I system is processing 55-110 pounds of industrial hemp each day which is supplying their online and retail market. 

When Green Remedy first started down their CBD path with the mission of changing lives through the use of CBDs, they came across a family in desperate need of their oils.  Read more about the “Eli Wooten” story




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"We have had our Kiinja extraction unit for almost a year now and have been able to run more material faster and at pressures unlike any other supercritical CO2 system available. 
The ROI of the Kiinja supercritical CO2 extraction is unprecedented compared to other systems on the market. Green Remedy would highly recommend the Kiinja to anyone  that is in the market for a high production, high yielding, beautifully engineered supercritical CO2 extraction unit."

- Vice President Operations, Green Remedy